What do I really deserve?

I was flipping through the radio channels this morning when I heard a phrase of a song, “…I deserve to be rich.” I started to question, what do I actually deserve? According to Romans, I’m a sinner, inherently evil. Ephesians tells me I’m saved by grace. Grace being an “undeserved favor.” God’s doing me a favor because he loves me, not because I deserve anything. If I don’t deserve God’s gift of salvation what do I deserve? I believe the answer is nothing. I don’t deserve anything. What I do have, I’ve had to earn, save my salvation.

I especially don’t deserve my wife; nor my job, car, house, or money. The money I’ve had to earn. My wife, well, Lord only knows why such a woman sticks around with me. đŸ™‚ (But I’m glad she does!)


sshd Quandry

So…I locked myself out of my server today. My server runs a program called Denyhosts which parses /var/log/auth.log for incorrect login tries and adds repeat offenders to the hosts.evil or hosts.deny file, depending on how you choose to set it up.

Somehow, one of my internal ip addresses got into the hosts.evil file (Oops), and I was unable to ssh into my server. cat /etc/hosts.evil |grep 192.168 showed my ip address clearly as ALL: So…on to fixing the issue.

I manually found the line in the evil file and deleted it using VIM. However, since it’s still in the log, it reappeared in the hosts.evil file. Next is to clean the log file of my faulty ip. We pull out my long-lost friend, sed. He doesn’t get used very often.
cat /var/log/auth.log |sed -e '/' > auth.log

Then copy the auth.log to the /var/log folder overwriting the original one.
Easy as that…then run the same command against /etc/hosts.evil:
cat /etc/hosts.evil |sed -e '/' > hosts.evil

Also, copy the cleaned hosts.evil file to the /etc to overwrite the original one. Perhaps someone can comment on why this didn’t work, but when I redirected the output to the original file, the file got blanked. Since I didn’t back up my log first (thankfully, this was just a log) I now have a blank log file. So back up your files first!

All done!

Local government

Why do people not vote in local elections? Especially the primaries? Our city just held primary elections for the mayor position this Tuesday. The city’s population is 68,000 people, yet according to the results, only about 3,000-4,000 people actually voted. 5% turnout. Seriously? These are the people who affect your community more than the state government and more than the federal government. These are the people who help determine wether business comes or goes from your community. Where businesses come or go, jobs follow. When jobs go, your neighbors leave, when the neighbors leave the house values go down.

Why do people not get involved in their local government?

About my (our?) blog…

For the last while I’ve been thinking about things, saying to myself, “Hmm, I should blog about that!” So, yeah, now I have a place for this! As a result of my (lack of) reasons to have a blog, this will probably be a place of some randomness. Some religous stuff, some policital stuff, some computer stuff, some music stuff, some relationship stuff, some car stuff, some pet stuff, some kid stuff, some family stuff, and some other stuff.

Oh yeah, I like the word “stuff.” Can you tell?