Font configuration woes

A Long, long time ago I had the font configuration all figured out and so I forgot about it. Then I got a new notebook. What did I do on the last one? I dunno. It didn’t look that bad, so I just dealt with it. Last night, this was gnawing at me. So off the the Arch Linux wiki! This time to the Font Configuration page. My eyes have a preference for the Ubuntu fonts. So I simply installed those using a niftly little program called yoaurt and reboot. I don’t know what options I enabled before, but I linked 10-Autohint.conf into the /etc/fonts/conf.d folder and everything is better.

Ah…relish in the beauty. Even Firefox looks better!


KDE 4.4 Continued…

Konqueror. Um. As a web brower. Right. It generally works. However, most sites I use complain about an incompatible browser. It also loads/renders sites slower than Chrome or Firefox.

It still does the KIO stuff I love though! smb:/ is something I really miss in XFCE. (Although I hear rumors that it’s coming to Thunar soon!)